2nd Party Data Partnerships


Imagine if Rolex and BMW formed a partnership to drive customers to their brands. They share a similar audience, and both would see benefits from this co-marketing relationship.

A 2nd-party-data partnership would allow these two brands to provide digital display ads to the other’s audience using retargeting.

Non-competitors in a particular industry, or who target customers with similar characteristics, can work together to offer insights and marketing opportunities. They can trade information or one party can provide their digital data to the other for use in a digital strategy such as retargeting to show display ads to this highly targeted set of prospects.

This is a growing trend within e-commerce and it offers enormous advantages to companies who want to expand their audiences and obtain marketing insights. Today’s technology has alleviated the privacy and security concerns that hampered such data sharing in the past.

For example, if a software company wants to put their message in front of an information marketer’s audience, that marketer doesn’t have to hand over to the partner an Excel spreadsheet with confidential information such as names and addresses. Instead, the data is converted into digital files – no personal information is visible, so there is no possibility of spam or abuse. Retargeted display ads for the software product can now be shown to the marketer members or buyers all around the web, and the marketer can do so in exchange for revenue or other opportunities.

We’re already offering such a service to associations.

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